Gallery Suites is located in the historic port city of Fremantle; 20 km south of Perth (the capital city of Western Australia). This location is where the beautiful Swan River meets the Indian Ocean.



Fremantle is a vibrant, electric city, which offers an exciting and yet intriguing mix of history, industry, commerce, art, culture, and leisure; all within a few square kilometres of the town centre. The ease of access to all these interests makes Fremantle an extremely convenient city for pedestrians.

The city is recognised as one of the best preserved, 19th Century seaport citys in the world. It has a rich historic heritage, focusing on its maritime and convict past. Approximately 150 buildings are classified by the National Trust, including the Round House (the oldest pubic building in Western Australia), the Fremantle Prison, the Esplanade Hotel, the Old Maritime Museum, and the Arts Centre. All magnificent examples of colonial architecture.

Fremantle is more than just a time capsule of a bygone era; it is a living, breathing city, which is able to excite and entertain all comers. Seven days a week, from early in the morning until late at night, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and dance clubs bustle with activity.

Further, being on the coast with the Indian Ocean washing its white, sandy beaches, Fremantle is perfect for swimming, sailing, and other water sports. The Ocean also delivers seafood; some of Western Australia’s best known export produce.

When you stay at Gallery Suites, you will be able to experience all that makes Fremantle unique. Better still, it is all within a few short footsteps of your front door.